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Mission and Objectives

We offer investors high quality personalized and online brokerage services (Reception, Transmission and Execution of Client Orders) for the Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE), the Athens Stock Exchange (ASE) and all major international stock and other regulated exchanges. The objective is to enable investor to have access to all major markets through a single point of account and a single trading account at competitive costs. 

Trading Services

As a Member of the CSE and a Remote Member of the ASE, we can execute directly for our customers any type of transactions on securities listed in both CSE and ASE at very competitive transaction costs. We also provide access to Swissquote platform for execution of client orders. 

At the same time, through XNET we are able to offer online access for execution, at competitive transaction costs, of client orders on a wide variety of financial instruments traded globally on organized exchanges. 

We also offer OTC transactions for government and corporate bonds performed through our associates:

  • 7Q Financial Services (License number: 061/05)

  • Athlos Capital Investment Services Ltd ( License number: 348/17)

Support Services 

Our Brokerage Department offers investors the following services: 
  • Opening or closing of general or special trading accounts 
  • Transfer to or from the trading accounts any securities under the control of the Central Registry or other Certified Member of the CSE or ASE.
  • Submission of applications on behalf of the investor/s for the alternation of any of the information given in respect to their depository accounts. 
  • Submission of applications on behalf of the investor/s to obtain ad hoc investors’ statements from the Central Depository accounts. 
  • Preparation and signing of all transfer documents as transferor or transferee and on any terms whatsoever. 
  • Generally perform all necessary acts on behalf of the investor/s in respect to any security or account or any matter concerning the Central Depository and Central Registry on the conditions as ordained by the investor/s.


Contact Person 

Investment Team
Tel: +357 22 710 642