Asset Management

Mission and Objectives

Our mission is to provide high-grade investment management services to both individual and institutional investors, via the structuring of specific themed funds and discretionary portfolio management services. The objective is to achieve returns matching or exceeding portfolio benchmark returns by investing funds with care, skill and diligence. 


1. Theme Funds

These are Funds based on themed investment solutions and managed by professional in-house Fund Managers with relevant expertise. They are registered as ICIS Funds (International Collective Investment Schemes), they are approved and regulated by the Central Bank of Cyprus and are open to both experienced individual and institutional investors. The objective is to achieve consistent capital growth without excessive risk.

2. Discretionary Portfolio Management

At Global Capital we offer clients segregated accounts in which individual portfolios are managed on a separate discretionary basis. This type of accounts allows for portfolio customization to better meet specific client needs. Each managed account falls under one of three investment strategies (conservative, balanced, growth) based on risk tolerances and return objectives.